Best Casino Games

The best casino games are without a doubt those that either allows you to win the most money or are the most entertaining to play. A casino was made with two things in mind, to give its players a chance to fill their pockets and a way to spend hours of their time entertaining themselves with all the joys, thrills and excitement that the best casino games offer its players. So if you are new to the world of the best casino games, I will give you a brief rundown of what I think are considered to be the top casino games in these categories, the money category and the enjoyment category.

First up in the category for the game that pays out the largest winnings would be the slots. Did you know that the slots machines have turned out more instant millionaires than any other casino game. This is in most part thanks to its world wide popularity. The progressive slots in particular are very good at making millionaires, this is because they are a selection of slot games all grouped together, this could span entire casinos over numerous , counties, states and even countries. Thousands of players all contributing to a single jackpot which is won by a single person, as you can see the sheer size of the slots millionaires club makes it one of the best casino games. Only Online Blackjack offers the perfect blend of skill and luck coupled with the ability to win pocketfuls of money.

For entertainment purposes the top casino games will have to include Craps. This can be classified as one of the best casino games because it is enjoyed by millions of people, and if you have spent the evening playing craps and have had such a good time that it won’t matter how much money has been won or lost. The most important factor that makes craps such a great game to play is the crowd all shouting and screaming betting and winning, this atmosphere can be intoxicating and soon you will be laughing along with all the rest, the dealers in particular know how to rev up a crowd to such an extent it becomes more of a comedy show than a casino game. Drag the chips that you want to bet onto the virtual craps table. Then, click on the dice to roll a number…playing online craps is that simple!